Babies with Tuberous Sclerosis

The aim of this study is to follow the development of babies with Tuberous Sclerosis to better understand the condition and how it affects development. 


The EDiTS study involves a range of assessments that can be carried out in the family home or in our research centre in London. Below you will find an outline of the assessments we'll do at each age. We are enrolling babies with TSC that are diagnosed prenatally or between birth and 10 months old (for a first visit up to 12 months old) until spring 2018.


Watch our new video describing the EDiTS Study here:


What is eye-tracking?

Eye-tracking has been used for several years to understand attention and perception in infancy. The eye tracker allows us to see exacly where the baby is attending on the screen. Take a look at our Information Sheets for more details!

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